Dec 11, 2012

Cyber relationship addiction

Cyber Relationship Addiction

It refers phenomenon that
people addict to social networking, chat rooms or messaging on online

Most of cyber relationship addicts like interaction between other people not things that doing alone.
For example, they like doing network game, exchanging mail and massaging.

The way to they addictied in this

They make many new friends in online and develop new interpersonal relationship.
So they make "alter ago" in online space.
 Although one person is timid student in reality, but constrastly, he can be gangster in online.

Internet space can gives users new chance to live different and new life.
So people determine their own ID, they can get new identity. So they lived as that "ID".
They chat with some other people and exchange their emotion each other.

 In online space, people doesn't neet to be burden their responsibilities in real life.
So they can open their heart to first met people.
It become not just virtual relationship anymore. It is new interpersonal relationship, and new life.

In this way, people tend to be addicted to the new life in online.


Side effects of this 

They are totally absorbed in cyberspace, and their chatting time becomes longer and longer.
It interfers their real life and destroys routine schedule.  
To them, online friends become more important than real-life relationships with family and friends.

They could get physical problem like lack of sleep, and backage.
Moreover, they confuse real life and cyber life so they can offense a crime.

It is known that woman is more addicted to internet relationship than man. Man tend to be more addicted to network games.


  1. All we need is moderation. In Australian households, almost every families has contracts with certain business broadband in Australia so it means internet usage in the country is booming. Without discipline, there is a great risk that internet addiction will arise. Still, Australia has low percentage of internet addiction among different countries.